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National Hybrid Registry

Since 2016


All our Puppies are registered with in one of these clubs.

American Kennel Club

Since 1973


Generations of breeding with the AKC. One of the first breeders in Colorado with the OES breed as well!

Company Profile

If you are a Local to Colorado come say Hi!  If not no worries we will keep the pictures and videos coming your way! 


We want you to be Super Excited, Happy, and Ready to add a fur-child when you get your new puppy.  We recommend as many visits as you can squeeze in before taking your baby home.  We will answer and help you get ready for your new puppy with toys, advice plus so much more...

Registration & Clubs

National Kennel Club

Since 2016


With the new age of Hybrids: We created a specialized breed of Old English Sheepadors from breeding an OES and an ancestral breed of a Hungarian Sheepdogs a.k.a. Komondor.

Colorado Sheepdogs, LLC


Founded: 1973

Owner: Tillie Payseno & John Druml II

Certifications: AKC, NKC, & NHR certified


Areas of expertise:  Litter Birthing, Training, Care, Contracting Studs, & Rehoming as needed. 

​​• Colorado Old English Sheepdogs •

A Love & passion