11.    Any obedience program you can recommend and at what age should we start?

(You will be happy & very wise to start training inside & outside of your home day 1. Socializing is very important, as well as showing your puppy how to behave in all surroundings & situations.)

FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions!

10.    Are we required to get hips and eyes checked at 2 years old?

(You are not required to do any tests, or additional care outside of the state required vaccines for your puppy/dog. Each location will vary so check with a local vet where you live for the requirements.)  

14.    Ideally, how long per walk will be optimized for the breed’s energy level?

(Yes, The OES are active but the activity level is moderate. 1-2 walks a day as a grown adult will suffice. As puppies 5-6 times outside a day will be required to finish potty training & to finish the acclamation process.) 

7.    Any personal reason you as a breeder chosen to have this litter or breed this line?

(growing up with OES my entire life and seeing the excitement people have when seeing the breed is brings so much joy!)

15.    What age should we start having our pup riding in cars?

(Car trips are needed especially as a puppy to get them use to riding in cars. PLEASE keep windows shut to avoid injury or death from getting or falling out of the car. Window locks are ideal! A safe zone while traveling is needed for any sudden stops or accelerations.)

9.    What are feeding directions now and in future? What type of food is recommended?

(I only feed & support Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Lamb & Rice. It has been proven time & time again for quality, testing, & reliability in the OES breed specifically. You are welcome to feed what you wish, but know there will be consequences sooner or later from the food you choose especially one's not tested and checked every single batch like Science Diet is. They also have a very clean facility unlike many other food manufacturers.)  

12.    Do you recommend more than just obedience training? Agility?

(Training in all forms is always encouraged. The OES breed is very smart & stubborn is a goofy way, so having others guiding and training can pay off, but of course never required. Most of the classes can be done on your own.)

8.    Are there any contractual agreements? We are interested only in keeping him as our pet.

(Puppies will only be pet ONLY unless we discuss otherwise with additional fees.)

4.    How is the temperament of this line? Are most pups bright and alert?

(All of our puppies are very smart! They will require you to establish alpha person as soon and often as you can.)  

1.    Are parents registered with AKC? Can you provide proof of registration?

(Yes & Yes!)

2.    Do you have proof of O.F.A clearance certificate and the number of generations O.F.A clear hips have been known to exist in this line?

(Yes, we have the all the parents OFA Checked with certificates for the Grand Parents)

3.    Are eyes of parents clear of any genetic problems? Do you have C.E.R.F certificate for parents?

(I do not have C.E.R.F, I have the Dog Wisdom Panel done and is clear for all the parents.) 

6.    Can we visit the vet in your area to check on pup we will pick out prior to finalize of the sale?

(Absolutely, all sales are final, but will alway help re-home any and all our puppies as needed.)

5.    Are the shots for puppies current? When is the next round of shots? Have they been wormed? If you can provide dates and products used, that’d be great!

(All Puppies & Dogs are kept UTD on all shots and deworming is done as needed.)

13.    Any grooming interval, tips, or products recommended?

(It is a good idea, & goal to brush your puppy dog once a week or if they get wet. Each coat is different from puppy to puppy, so keep an eye out for matts that can become hazardous to the skin & coat.)

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